Strict Accounting Culture, Our Success Spice

You probably wonder why BOFAS has grown in leaps and bounds. Yeah, there is a magical ingredient in this growth pattern you would want to know – financial management. Our trained financiers at every site never leave any stones unturned and would protect all project funds to the latter. Every financier gets busy following all usages and recording all transactions for clean accounts.

Team work is an essential spice of our working culture. Find our team of engineers putting heads together to restrategise on approaching an architectural holdup at a site.

A typical BOFAS administrative block at every base looks like this during working hours. While administration is an important part of every project, most site admins and engineers use most of the afternoon hours on working days to see around in order to corroborate what should be and what is done and confirm measurements in line with project execution rates registered by field staff.

Our Clients, Our life Companions

Talking buildings, the BOFAS-SARL founder, George Ngalla, was raised on the belief that whatever you do, you need to do it right and to the finish. You can see and feel this value in each step of their building process. Every structure they build, even after they pass along the keys move the owners in, remains the bosom. Even after the warranty is up, BOFAS-SARL takes pride in their workmanship and the people involved.



Our Business Code

Since its birth, BOFAS-SARL has built its business on honesty and integrity. Their open and honest communication has won for them great relationships with their clients, partners and subcontractors. Today, 75% of BOFAS-SARL business comes from client networks.






Established in 2004, BOFAS-SARL has a long history of building facilities that drive greater value. From exceptional levels of quality and safety — to ease of maintenance over time, they are firmly committed to helping their clients and partners achieve the short and long-term strategic goals of every project they do.